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Printy 4913 Bulk upload

Printy 4913 Bulk upload

Printy 4913 Bulk upload

Price:   € 1.20 (inc. VAT)

SKU(s): P34913, P34913


Sometimes there are a lot of stamps with the same layout but different texts to do. This is very time-consuming to do online. With this option the endcustomer can download an excel – fill in text – upload and create all layouts. These layouts can then be proofread online. The RSM receives the layout in the same production image quality and format as all other uTypia orders. The Excel is formatted to make it easy for the endcustomer to fill out – columns are labelled identical to the template lines. Protected lines are marked. Clear instructions are given.

Imprintsize: 58 x 22 mm, max. 6 lines
Recommended for buyers with high standards:
- Original Trodat Printy 4.0
- 100 % clean hands
- exact positioning
- unbelievably small and light
- Climate-neutral. As standard.
360 degree view